About Us

Nooksack Racing Supply was founded in 1977 as a response to our own need for quality equipment at reasonable prices. Over the years we have found that most mushers do this as a hobby and want quality equipment without going broke. We at Nooksack Racing Supply aim to satisfy the needs of the recreational musher and the professional alike.
Our daughter Sara and Tao with her new pups

Our dogs Dash (far) 8 yrs. & Rasta (near) 2 yrs. in the 2 dog skijoring class at the 2000 Maine State Championships, Bridgton, ME.

Our daughter Sara Vanderwood running an 8 dog team at the DESDC 2001 Fall Rig Race.

We are a working kennel that tests all our equipment on our own dogs in training runs and races. Our testing program does not stop there however, Nooksack equipment has been used in all major races throughout the world, including the Yukon Quest, Iditarod, Alpirod, Fur Rondy and the North American. We welcome customers kudos and even your criticism, so if you have either please let us know, we always strive to make our equipment the best it can be.

Marley getting fitted with his doggy cam!
Our house dog Marley is an avid skijorer and was recently featured on a new Animal Planet show K9-5. The segment centered around Marley’s ability to train newcomers (human and dog alike) how to skijor.

A group of kindergarten students from one of our many educational programs provided to schools and civic organizations
A few students getting ready try skijoring for the first time at a yearly clinic put on by Nooksack Racing Supply and the Down East Sled Dog Club

We welcome our new customers to surf our site, we hope you enjoy. And to our regular customers, we’d like to extend our warmest thanks and appreciation to you for your continuing support.

Happy Mushing